Podcast Transition About Us Episode

Closing the book on the 145 episodes of the Make My Day eCommerce Podcast.  I hope it helped people in the little push they may have needed to start up their eCommerce business or at least start selling on eBay and then some!

But now I have to announce it has ended and although these episodes will remain posted for some time, I am starting a new subject and a new podcast called “American Freedom & God”

After much research this should get some attention and give me something I like talking about even more than eCommerce.  listen in to get the details, and hope to see you join us for the new subject.

Great Sourcing Ideas

After having spent an entire episode on a great product idea last week, which was smart phones, we started to go into a few different sourcing ideas and see if we can find even more great products to sell.

Best Phones To Resell

What are the best phones to resell for profit?  Today’s show is all about finding out which phones are the best sellers, and what buying and selling strategy to avoid where it comes to smartphones.

Traffic From A Giveaway

This can be a great way to get traffic to your own eCommerce website.  You set up a giveaway that contains options that will send people to your product page.  Today we talk about setting all that up and how to promote the giveaway and see the numbers you need!

Creating Product Bundles

Sometimes a sale can happen much easier when bundled with another relevant product.  Today we look at some of the possibilities and bundles that we find already listed as an example.  Also we will cover where and how to get traffic to your listing.

Drowning In Products

When you find yourself drowning in products from maybe having ordered large lots of them, it can be a frustrating thing.  Today we discuss how to get rid of these surplus products in a number of ways.  Guest on the call is my brother Joseph Fox, very talented at marketing and doing person to person selling of almost anything.

Putting Collectibles On Ebay

Today we look at some legacy items as well as any collectible that we might be able to list on eBay.  The collectibles business is a great way to double your money or just sell for way more than you had to pay for that item.

Ordering Top Selling Items Part 2

Pick up where we left off from last week.  Another great method to sell off the products other than what we already covered.  Great value bomb in this one as well.

Ordering Top Selling Items!

It is almost like nicheing down, but we are taking a certain category and going over all the great things that you can take from that category and start selling it now.  Listen in as we talk about the listings from the wholesaler and their cost, as well as looking at the market where they sell for the normal price.

Dropship To Get Started

As a startup business idea, you like the thought of going with ecommerce or buying and selling online for profit.  So we can always get started by zero money down using the dropship technique.  Today we discuss a great idea in getting started the dropshipping way!