Monthly Archives: August 2019

Profit From Low Cost & Non-Branded Products

One great way to make profits selling products online is to find low cost non-branded products that are quite useful but won’t cost as much money to the customer.

Selling Phones For Profits

Its nice that phones have a life after death so-to-speak, meaning that they can be resold again and again.  In this episode we point to some great places to find those phones and how to pick out the sales that can bring in profits at resale…so flipping phones!

When Is It Okay To Fully Launch Your eCommerce Website?

So we have built this eCommerce website from our own uploaded platform and have populated it with a nice theme and products and pay buttons, so when should we start drumming up traffic to the site?  Is it ready now?

Get Products To Flip Now!

Episode 068 I discuss many different places that you can source products and get you hands on them for much less than normal cost.  We look directly at the those sources and bring forward the actions we can take to get going with a profitable purchase now!