Monthly Archives: September 2019

Still Trending 2019

The items that won’t take long to sell are usually the one that are most trending to date.  Today we go over a list of these trending items and focus on something we can turn easily for nice profits.

Channeling Youtube!

Much inspiration comes when watching videos of other people buying & selling online.  They are documenting what they are do as they go and the results are tons of views and subscribers who actually become buyers themselves.

Buy Low Sell Well!

Episode 074 The title of this episode seems a little off track of the norm, but it is on purpose that we want to sell well and not necessarily the highest price in order to profit.  Being in the game is most important and doing the best we can to sell well is today’s topic!

Starting An eCommerce Business Encouragement!

The episode starts with a search online for the keywords: “how to start an ecommerce business?” and then does a critique and commentary on the first results pages that we come to adding a realistic outlook to the teachings or articles found in those top results.

The Pinterest Presence & Mobile First!

After a dry spell of selling on eBay we take a look at some ways to generate new action and sales, and what we found is the Pinterest solution.  Pinterest is now pointing more toward the eCommerce marketers of the world instead of people to people type social media presence.