Monthly Archives: October 2019

To Understand Finding Suppliers!

Suppliers of products come in so many forms that you might as well be entering the historical wild wild west where men used to shoot each other over a poker game gone wrong.  Its disregard for rules and ethics, its lawlessness and you must try and understand it all so you don’t end up with a bunch of stuff you cannot make any profit on.

A Unique Product They Don’t Mind Waiting For!

Today the podcast focuses on an expansion of a part topic from last week.  We go into finding a unique product, do some commentary on some of these products and then talk more on the dropshipping business.  New to the show is the “Product of the day” segment at the end…enjoy!

Niching Down To Hot Selling Items

A start-up ecommerce business should always look at the possibility of dealing in only certain products that we can call a niche.  In this episode we talk about the differences between a good niche and a bad niche and what makes it good or bad and why!

Increase Traffic To My eCommerce Website

As we have talked in the past about how to get more sales on eBay, we revisit the best ways to drum up more traffic to our listing on our own website as well as eBay.