Monthly Archives: November 2019

7-Day Auction On eBay

Riding on some tips the discussion shares a different approach in listing on eBay.  Why not try to switch from the “buy it now” format to the “auction” format?  We can start the common shipping charge to offset the listing costs coming from eBay.

Top Selling On eBay

We’re pointing the arrow right at the top selling items on eBay.  You may not care to deal in these but if you are interested what is the top selling, today’s episode goes into that completely!

One Replenishable That Sells Ten A Day!

In the episode the discussion is all about meeting a goal that will have us selling at least 10 a day of any given item.  We need to understand that you should have a consistent flow of sales daily in order to really live the dream of owning your own business in eCommerce.

To Sell & Not To Sell On eBay!

It doesn’t do much good to list a bunch of items for sale on the eBay only to discover that they are not selling.  Today we take a look at some of the mistakes made in the case study and find possible solutions to go with in the future listings.