Monthly Archives: December 2019

eBay Selling Tools

So we have been here before at the start/finish line of eBay selling tools, but today we go over them again and point out some available tools that can help us to sell better and they come from the eBay homeland…imagine that!

Best Practices For Learning eCommerce Online!

Today we go through that last 9 episodes of the MMD Podcast and take a look at what exactly we learned in each of those discussions, but along the way we also cover the ultimate best practices for learning how to get yourself up an running in eCommerce online.

Best Selling For eCommerce

We’re running out of time to ship for Christmas but we discuss continuing the big picture and not being stressed about selling for the holidays so much.

Setting Up Shopping On Instagram

It sounds like a simple task but actually setting up shopping on Instagram comes in layers like an onion, first you have to set up a Business Manager and have a page on Facebook.  We look at the process and as a case study try and set this up.

What To Sell For Christmas?

This being the first of December we have a short time to come up with a host of products to sell for Christmas.  Today we talk about what good products to sell and where to get them or ship them from.