Monthly Archives: March 2020

Buying & Reselling Online! What?

Okay, we’re going all out today.  Discussing the ins and outs of buying and reselling online.  Be sure to purchase only if you can actually make any money on it otherwise you don’t have a business, but if you find the right stuff it can be a lot of fun.  Everything is for sale, or so we thought!

Can We Profit On Video Games?

In today’s discussion we look at many different places to explore where you may be able to get on board with actual suppliers of ps4, xbox one, and other latest video games.  See what we find out about those options and if it is even a good idea!

Best Of MMD Podcast 100th Episode!

Today we have reached a milestone; we have 100 episodes under our belts.  So to commemorate, please allow this look back and the best of the Make My Day eCommerce Podcast, actually this may or may not be the best ones but we jump between the intervals of 10 to recap some moments from the archives.

Best Sellers List!

We are looking for the best sellers to use for our eCommerce business, and today we take a gander over at the sites of eBay and Amazon and look into their best seller lists.

Why eCommerce Businesses Fail….Be Consistent!

Today’s podcast focuses on what is causing so many eCommerce businesses to fail.  With an actual list of the top 10 reasons as well as what to avoid so it won’t be you, we go over some material and stats but encourage to stay in and get it done along the way.