Monthly Archives: April 2020

Staying Focused During Tough Times!

In this episode we find some top selling items from a list taken from eBay. Discuss what would be a good candidate for purchase and reselling and why.  Also the discussion takes us to the concept of using a good big brother to help push us along, as well as what a good alternative to eBay would be.

Riding Out The Crisis With eCommerce!

Today we invited successful small business owner and eCommerce expert; Eric Brown, to get on the show and give us something to consider, as to what we could be doing during this unfortunate crisis, where people everywhere are having to re-think what to do for time and money.  Eric will offer some absolutely great ideas for start-up selling.

Slinging Products Online!

With the current outbreak there is a spike in online sales, and we talk about some great ideas to take advantage of that.  We also show and tell about the products that just sold recently!

List One A Day!

During these tough times on our country we focus on finding ways to see the good in things that come from trying times challenges on us all.  In this episode we present a product for sale and go over the steps in listing it for sale on eBay!