Monthly Archives: May 2020

How To Really Start Selling Online

After a search on “How to really start selling online” I use the commentary of the search results from Duck Duck Go search engine, as the content of today’s episode.  The commentary will try and debunk some of what is written in the results pages.

Build Your eCommerce Website

Taking a look at the training videos in eComRuler where there is a wealth of hands-on step by step information showing exactly how to build you own eCommerce platform and take payments.  You can sell you own products or even set it up to do dropshipping, but it is all yours without a middle man taking payments.

Expanding Our Selling Pallet / Platform

Episode 109 Today we get right into the do’s and don’ts of blast listing among other ways to explore getting what we have to offer out there. Particularly looking at some new places in addition to the last weeks landing page training, that we can get our product out there.

Landing Pages & Getting Traffic

In the second part of our alternatives to eBay we go into a simple one-product landing page that is useful for sending people from your posts, tweets and any other social pages you use.  Don’t forget the power of the video and sending them to make the sale at your free landing page.

Alternatives To eBay Selling!

Guest host and successful entrepreneur, Eric Brown joins us today….When you get an email from PayPal showing how much of the money was just paid out of the money you just made selling on eBay, it can be very disheartening.  You start to realize why you didn’t charge enough for your items, but wait; no one will buy them for that much….darn.  It can feel like a lose lose situation!  What are some alternatives to the expensive eBay?