Monthly Archives: August 2020

Finding Product Ideas

After an inspiring YouTube video on the subject of eCommerce, we set out to bring some of the best ways to come up with a great product to sell.  We can make a list of nuggets taken from other sources and then act on that list.  In this episode we will go over some great ways of finding products and finding product ideas.

Phone Flipping!

It is what it sounds like, today we go into detail on the process of finding a value price on a smart phone, mostly iPhones, and then selling it on your own website.  We talk about selling it on a landing page and of course the giant platforms as well.

eCommerce Startup Basics

So we start the podcast by referring back to eCommerce startup basics and just go over the act of grabbing a single product from around the house and then listing it.  The big thing is how we list it, the description itself, along with the pictures that we take of the product.  A great point is made which is very important.

Best Dropshipping Companies?

What are some of the best dropshipping companies that we can use to get our eCommerce website populated?  Today we go into the possibilities and zero in on some that we can get started with.

The Revenue Rabbit Hole

Today we compare businesses that operate on a break even basis in total revenue to businesses that actually turn at least a 15% profit at the terms end.  The idea being to watch out for the revenue rabbit hole and avoid getting stuck there.