Monthly Archives: November 2020

Ordering Top Selling Items!

It is almost like nicheing down, but we are taking a certain category and going over all the great things that you can take from that category and start selling it now.  Listen in as we talk about the listings from the wholesaler and their cost, as well as looking at the market where they sell for the normal price.

Dropship To Get Started

As a startup business idea, you like the thought of going with ecommerce or buying and selling online for profit.  So we can always get started by zero money down using the dropship technique.  Today we discuss a great idea in getting started the dropshipping way!

Best eCommerce Ideas

Join Leadsleap for traffic to your listings: We go over some of the very best ideas for not only what to deal in but the many different choices we have in the way to go about dealing in it.  Also find out about a website that can bring loads of traffic to your listings!

Low Cost, High Profit Products

Today we talk about the types of products that will be obtainable at a low cost but can sell for a nice profit or a higher profit than some other choices.  It is a little tricky as some hot selling low cost, high profit products can be quite saturated in the market but we can still get around this to some extent.

Random Products Selling!

We decided to talk about finding products in lots even if they are at random.  Search begins on eBay and then on to some other stores to find sellers that can offer a better price.