Monthly Archives: December 2020

Creating Product Bundles

Sometimes a sale can happen much easier when bundled with another relevant product.  Today we look at some of the possibilities and bundles that we find already listed as an example.  Also we will cover where and how to get traffic to your listing.

Drowning In Products

When you find yourself drowning in products from maybe having ordered large lots of them, it can be a frustrating thing.  Today we discuss how to get rid of these surplus products in a number of ways.  Guest on the call is my brother Joseph Fox, very talented at marketing and doing person to person selling of almost anything.

Putting Collectibles On Ebay

Today we look at some legacy items as well as any collectible that we might be able to list on eBay.  The collectibles business is a great way to double your money or just sell for way more than you had to pay for that item.

Ordering Top Selling Items Part 2

Pick up where we left off from last week.  Another great method to sell off the products other than what we already covered.  Great value bomb in this one as well.