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Low Cost, High Profit Products

Today we talk about the types of products that will be obtainable at a low cost but can sell for a nice profit or a higher profit than some other choices.  It is a little tricky as some hot selling low cost, high profit products can be quite saturated in the market but we can still get around this to some extent.

Random Products Selling!

We decided to talk about finding products in lots even if they are at random.  Search begins on eBay and then on to some other stores to find sellers that can offer a better price.

List A Product That We Know Will Sell!

Episode 132 Today we go all into a product that we know will do a good job after listing it on eBay or Amazon or your own site.  We also look at places to find this item and other similar items.

Do Something Each Day!

So it can be an ah-ha moment to decide to start-up an ecommerce business but then comes the take action moments, and they can be overwhelming.  So what if we just narrow down our focus and at least do one thing each day.

Be Creative But Keep It Simple

In This episode we talk about creative side of getting started in eCommerce.  From changing a problem in everyday life to its solution to not letting analytics do the thinking for you.

Learning From The Pro’s!

In this episode we visit the movers and shakers page and take in good advice from professionals that have been there and done that.  Talk about some techniques that can help us get sales without paying for ads.

Find A Product-Find A Supplier!

Today that is exactly what we do; we find a product and we find a supplier for that product during this show.  You may go about it the way we show here or use this as a reference to go about it your own way.  Look for the value bomb we drop in this one!

eCommerce Business-Start With Ground Floor Basics

This episode will explain the top 10 things we need to make sure and have in place as the e-commerce business needs these ground floor basics in order to set up for success.

Promoting Our Offer!

Today we go into the Ecwid Dashboard and add a product, then we head over to Rafflecopter and start a giveaway.  Once we do all that it is time to promote that giveaway and then finally we discuss gift cards and vouchers, how to produce your own digital gift giveaway.  Let’s promote our offer.

Finding Product Ideas

After an inspiring YouTube video on the subject of eCommerce, we set out to bring some of the best ways to come up with a great product to sell.  We can make a list of nuggets taken from other sources and then act on that list.  In this episode we will go over some great ways of finding products and finding product ideas.