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Learning From The Pro’s!

In this episode we visit the movers and shakers page and take in good advice from professionals that have been there and done that.  Talk about some techniques that can help us get sales without paying for ads.

eCommerce Business-Start With Ground Floor Basics

This episode will explain the top 10 things we need to make sure and have in place as the e-commerce business needs these ground floor basics in order to set up for success.

Promoting Our Offer!

Today we go into the Ecwid Dashboard and add a product, then we head over to Rafflecopter and start a giveaway.  Once we do all that it is time to promote that giveaway and then finally we discuss gift cards and vouchers, how to produce your own digital gift giveaway.  Let’s promote our offer.

eCommerce Startup Basics

So we start the podcast by referring back to eCommerce startup basics and just go over the act of grabbing a single product from around the house and then listing it.  The big thing is how we list it, the description itself, along with the pictures that we take of the product.  A great point is made which is very important.

Best Dropshipping Companies?

What are some of the best dropshipping companies that we can use to get our eCommerce website populated?  Today we go into the possibilities and zero in on some that we can get started with.

The Revenue Rabbit Hole

Today we compare businesses that operate on a break even basis in total revenue to businesses that actually turn at least a 15% profit at the terms end.  The idea being to watch out for the revenue rabbit hole and avoid getting stuck there.

Identify Most Popular Products (Unique Tip)

Today we find a unique way to identify products that are proven to sell nicely each month.  It is not a new technique but it can easily overlooked as we learn to build that startup eCommerce business.

Sell Your Items On Your Own Site

In today’s episode we discuss how we need to gather up all of our sell-ready products and get them all listed on our very own website. No matter how long it takes. After that we go into the best way to get immediate eyes on your products over at your very own website.  Focused on the freedom of having our own websites rather than being a member of somebody else’s platform.

eCommerce Start-Ups, Where To Go From Here?

We go around to the start/finish line of the eCommerce start-up conversation over and over, cover as many aspects of getting started in eCommerce as we can think of.  But after a while you will have clocked a lot of laps in the study and you have to eventually finish the race!  So today we talk about eCommerce Start-ups, and where do we go from here?

How To Market My eCommerce Business!

Since the word “Marketing” is so broad, we need to focus in on a more specific way or ways to get our products in front of people.  Even the words “eCommerce Business” are broad terms and could mean more than meets the eye.  eCommerce Start-up people can gain much from this episode and see the sales start happening.

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