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Best Phones To Resell

What are the best phones to resell for profit?  Today’s show is all about finding out which phones are the best sellers, and what buying and selling strategy to avoid where it comes to smartphones.

Phone Flipping!

It is what it sounds like, today we go into detail on the process of finding a value price on a smart phone, mostly iPhones, and then selling it on your own website.  We talk about selling it on a landing page and of course the giant platforms as well.

Sell Your Items On Your Own Site

In today’s episode we discuss how we need to gather up all of our sell-ready products and get them all listed on our very own website. No matter how long it takes. After that we go into the best way to get immediate eyes on your products over at your very own website.  Focused on the freedom of having our own websites rather than being a member of somebody else’s platform.

Reselling Smart Phones Online

In these uncertain times there are many items that sell online better than others; in fact, some items just became forgotten or just not on peoples’ minds at this time.  So we go after an item that we can still find plenty of interest in, and show you how to profit on that item, reselling smart phones online is the scheme of things in this one.

Build Your eCommerce Website

Taking a look at the training videos in eComRuler where there is a wealth of hands-on step by step information showing exactly how to build you own eCommerce platform and take payments.  You can sell you own products or even set it up to do dropshipping, but it is all yours without a middle man taking payments.

7-Day Auction On eBay

Riding on some tips the discussion shares a different approach in listing on eBay.  Why not try to switch from the “buy it now” format to the “auction” format?  We can start the common shipping charge to offset the listing costs coming from eBay.

A Unique Product They Don’t Mind Waiting For!

Today the podcast focuses on an expansion of a part topic from last week.  We go into finding a unique product, do some commentary on some of these products and then talk more on the dropshipping business.  New to the show is the “Product of the day” segment at the end…enjoy!

Niching Down To Hot Selling Items

A start-up ecommerce business should always look at the possibility of dealing in only certain products that we can call a niche.  In this episode we talk about the differences between a good niche and a bad niche and what makes it good or bad and why!

Increase Traffic To My eCommerce Website

As we have talked in the past about how to get more sales on eBay, we revisit the best ways to drum up more traffic to our listing on our own website as well as eBay.

Still Trending 2019

The items that won’t take long to sell are usually the one that are most trending to date.  Today we go over a list of these trending items and focus on something we can turn easily for nice profits.