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How To Market My eCommerce Business!

Since the word “Marketing” is so broad, we need to focus in on a more specific way or ways to get our products in front of people.  Even the words “eCommerce Business” are broad terms and could mean more than meets the eye.  eCommerce Start-up people can gain much from this episode and see the sales start happening.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

How To Really Start Selling Online

After a search on “How to really start selling online” I use the commentary of the search results from Duck Duck Go search engine, as the content of today’s episode.  The commentary will try and debunk some of what is written in the results pages.

Expanding Our Selling Pallet / Platform

Episode 109 Today we get right into the do’s and don’ts of blast listing among other ways to explore getting what we have to offer out there. Particularly looking at some new places in addition to the last weeks landing page training, that we can get our product out there.

Staying Focused During Tough Times!

In this episode we find some top selling items from a list taken from eBay. Discuss what would be a good candidate for purchase and reselling and why.  Also the discussion takes us to the concept of using a good big brother to help push us along, as well as what a good alternative to eBay would be.

Can We Profit On Video Games?

In today’s discussion we look at many different places to explore where you may be able to get on board with actual suppliers of ps4, xbox one, and other latest video games.  See what we find out about those options and if it is even a good idea!

Best Of MMD Podcast 100th Episode!

Today we have reached a milestone; we have 100 episodes under our belts.  So to commemorate, please allow this look back and the best of the Make My Day eCommerce Podcast, actually this may or may not be the best ones but we jump between the intervals of 10 to recap some moments from the archives.

Why eCommerce Businesses Fail….Be Consistent!

Today’s podcast focuses on what is causing so many eCommerce businesses to fail.  With an actual list of the top 10 reasons as well as what to avoid so it won’t be you, we go over some material and stats but encourage to stay in and get it done along the way.

How To Sell Stuff Online

Up to this point we have never really taken out the word “eCommerce” from the concepts of this podcast, but see what happens when we just talk mainly on just selling online.

The Fear Failing In eCommerce

Title says it all.  Today we talk about how popular dropshipping has become and as this business model increases in saturation, putting a dropshipping business together that succeeds is not so easy anymore.  In fact; you really might need to be prepared to fail your way to success and not fear it along the way.

Finding Products To Sell In 2020

As we start a new decade there will be some changes in life and new and exciting things shall present themselves.  Today it is all about looking at what could possibly be a sort of new outlook as to finding products to sell in 2020.  Can this be your year to really start to prosper?