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Creating Product Bundles

Sometimes a sale can happen much easier when bundled with another relevant product.  Today we look at some of the possibilities and bundles that we find already listed as an example.  Also we will cover where and how to get traffic to your listing.

Low Cost, High Profit Products

Today we talk about the types of products that will be obtainable at a low cost but can sell for a nice profit or a higher profit than some other choices.  It is a little tricky as some hot selling low cost, high profit products can be quite saturated in the market but we can still get around this to some extent.

Random Products Selling!

We decided to talk about finding products in lots even if they are at random.  Search begins on eBay and then on to some other stores to find sellers that can offer a better price.

Finding Product Ideas

After an inspiring YouTube video on the subject of eCommerce, we set out to bring some of the best ways to come up with a great product to sell.  We can make a list of nuggets taken from other sources and then act on that list.  In this episode we will go over some great ways of finding products and finding product ideas.

The Revenue Rabbit Hole

Today we compare businesses that operate on a break even basis in total revenue to businesses that actually turn at least a 15% profit at the terms end.  The idea being to watch out for the revenue rabbit hole and avoid getting stuck there.

Reselling Smart Phones Online

In these uncertain times there are many items that sell online better than others; in fact, some items just became forgotten or just not on peoples’ minds at this time.  So we go after an item that we can still find plenty of interest in, and show you how to profit on that item, reselling smart phones online is the scheme of things in this one.

How To Sell Stuff Online For Beginners!

In this podcast show we take a great example of how a beginner can grab an item and list it either on the biggest ecommerce websites or your very own site, and make the sale even if it is your first time.  Includes checking out demand for that item and calculating fee & shipping costs along with some great tips!

Selling Big Ticket Items Online

This episode talks about the different ways that we can make the sale using existing listings and/or just creating a new listing for big ticket items, that is, items that cost more and take a little more work to get the sale.  We can do dropshipping or handle the items and ship them ourselves, either way the profits or commissions should pay off nicely.

What To List That Sells Fast!

In this episode we ended up at Wikipedia looking at things that have sold in a certain duration of time and the dates they came on the scene.  But we also tore into content that shows things we can be doing to get items that sell fast.

Landing Pages & Getting Traffic

In the second part of our alternatives to eBay we go into a simple one-product landing page that is useful for sending people from your posts, tweets and any other social pages you use.  Don’t forget the power of the video and sending them to make the sale at your free landing page.