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Alternatives To eBay Selling!

Guest host and successful entrepreneur, Eric Brown joins us today….When you get an email from PayPal showing how much of the money was just paid out of the money you just made selling on eBay, it can be very disheartening.  You start to realize why you didn’t charge enough for your items, but wait; no one will buy them for that much….darn.  It can feel like a lose lose situation!  What are some alternatives to the expensive eBay?

Riding Out The Crisis With eCommerce!

Today we invited successful small business owner and eCommerce expert; Eric Brown, to get on the show and give us something to consider, as to what we could be doing during this unfortunate crisis, where people everywhere are having to re-think what to do for time and money.  Eric will offer some absolutely great ideas for start-up selling.

Slinging Products Online!

With the current outbreak there is a spike in online sales, and we talk about some great ideas to take advantage of that.  We also show and tell about the products that just sold recently!

Identify & Find Me A Product To Sell Online!

This episode goes live to show you where a product that sells well can be found and for pennies on the dollar.  So we actually get online during the show and find a prosperous set of products ready to be shipped to us for listing.

Best Place To Sell Musical Instruments Online

With the ongoing case study from this podcast, many musical instruments were sold as an example of a good selling item to work with, today we look at some of the best places to list and sell those musical instruments online.

Developing An eCommerce Business Model

We discuss the differences in eCommerce business models and the three pillars that make an eCommerce business work well.

Best Selling For eCommerce

We’re running out of time to ship for Christmas but we discuss continuing the big picture and not being stressed about selling for the holidays so much.

To Sell & Not To Sell On eBay!

It doesn’t do much good to list a bunch of items for sale on the eBay only to discover that they are not selling.  Today we take a look at some of the mistakes made in the case study and find possible solutions to go with in the future listings.

To Understand Finding Suppliers!

Suppliers of products come in so many forms that you might as well be entering the historical wild wild west where men used to shoot each other over a poker game gone wrong.  Its disregard for rules and ethics, its lawlessness and you must try and understand it all so you don’t end up with a bunch of stuff you cannot make any profit on.

A Unique Product They Don’t Mind Waiting For!

Today the podcast focuses on an expansion of a part topic from last week.  We go into finding a unique product, do some commentary on some of these products and then talk more on the dropshipping business.  New to the show is the “Product of the day” segment at the end…enjoy!