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Identify Most Popular Products (Unique Tip)

Today we find a unique way to identify products that are proven to sell nicely each month.  It is not a new technique but it can easily overlooked as we learn to build that startup eCommerce business.

Sell Your Items On Your Own Site

In today’s episode we discuss how we need to gather up all of our sell-ready products and get them all listed on our very own website. No matter how long it takes. After that we go into the best way to get immediate eyes on your products over at your very own website.  Focused on the freedom of having our own websites rather than being a member of somebody else’s platform.

Build Your eCommerce Website

Taking a look at the training videos in eComRuler where there is a wealth of hands-on step by step information showing exactly how to build you own eCommerce platform and take payments.  You can sell you own products or even set it up to do dropshipping, but it is all yours without a middle man taking payments.

Why eCommerce Businesses Fail….Be Consistent!

Today’s podcast focuses on what is causing so many eCommerce businesses to fail.  With an actual list of the top 10 reasons as well as what to avoid so it won’t be you, we go over some material and stats but encourage to stay in and get it done along the way.

One Replenishable That Sells Ten A Day!

In the episode the discussion is all about meeting a goal that will have us selling at least 10 a day of any given item.  We need to understand that you should have a consistent flow of sales daily in order to really live the dream of owning your own business in eCommerce.

Get Motivated Thrifting For Profits

Episode 064 – Recent visits to thrift stores prove to be profitable in that they really increased the bottom line.  With the last three finds several hundred dollars are earned in profits.  This “Make My Day eCommerce Podcast” episode reveals at least one of those items and how process works so easily!

Original Images For My Listings!

Episode 063

Featured Image By: Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

Promote Your eCommerce Website!

Episode 061