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Visit and find a library full of inspiration and other tantalizing discussion and wisdom. Jon has been blogging for years now, not to say how many but just years. Social networking sites are a nice way to spend time surfing and chatting but when it comes to really getting to know someone, the blog usually has it all.

jonpfox.comThe site is full of the most interesting categories from life style to art and music, but totally packed with commentary that can be considered very wholesome. For example, one of the recent posts touches on the serenity of stepping away from the daily stuff and just get out of your comfort zone.  Then go and enter a whole different kind of comfort zone, like taking a wildlife adventure and view nature in a more calm and laid-back kind of way.

jonpfox.comOr maybe find some of the fiction writing in the portfolio of this blog featuring books like “Legion of the Moonlight” a paranormal mystery thriller that takes you to a place and time where you will come to know the people and begin to feel almost like you know them when along comes the Legion from a certain vortex that awakened.  Or “People in the Walls”  a kind of twisted story involving drug use and some of the craziness it can evoke and the people that are involved in this thriller that occupy the underworld of a dark kind.  Can Quinn get out of his predicament and become the hero he was meant to be?

Other books include: “The 7 Layers of Love”, “Making Time For God”, “That Awesome Place Called Space”, “Cool Is The Guitar” and more.  Jon is in the process of adding more to the portfolio as he writes using his own name and the pen name Thaddeus Anton Crosbarn or TA as it is on the covers!

You will find some great value bombs and inspiration over at the blog so please drop in, read a post and comment on the post or just take a look at what is there is to ponder in our lives today.  I would love to have you join in and subscribe as well, just find to sign up link at the top of the page, that way you get an email every time a new post goes up.  Visit and let me know if you enjoyed the site…Thanks Sincerely J.F.